(Note: As of right now, this is a setting writing project that has yet to have its campaign truly planned, as such, expect me to be focusing entirely on worldbuilding.)

“There was was a time, where mines echoed for naught, and fields grew barren, where our gods returned to the sleep to restore the world around us, as had happened many times before. However, curiosity proved to be a force greater then the highest of the holy. The gods had chosen one of their number to stay behind and record the dreams which replenished this world.”

“Once forgotten and despised, his guidance became the needle which patched the cloth of the world. With each coming generation, his influence grew, but one thing became clear. His kin would not awaken until he too decided upon the time at which he would join them in sleep.

“He knew this time had was met with a pair of strangers who had not existed the previous day. The first of these refugees presented our sleeping god with two wishes: That a curse be placed upon their family, and that their descendants be given amnesty from it. Seeing no harm in granting these wishes, they were given a cold brand, one which marked that they were under his protection. The second refugee did what was natural to them, and faded into obscurity.”

“With the coming of the hour of solace, a time where all things that are alive must sleep, we were parted from our sleeping god. On that night, those whose diligence drove themselves to work by light of candles became great flames which brought ruin to the cities of this time.”

“Not long after this came to be, refugees were reunited with their family, their cousins coming in numbers brought ruin to nearly all that was known. The end had come, but somehow, the existence of our peoples were not crushed in these times.”

“All of the known world was driven to a land we now know as the Shrouded Isle, the throne of the former watcher of the night, his curse serving as the foundation for all that is left.”

- The history of the world, as it has been kept by The Library, and Monastic orders of the Sleeping God.

The Hour of Solace